Ash Kendall committed to art as a full time career and began tattooing full time in 2013 after completing an apprenticeship under Craig Quill.  Building a foundation travelling across Canada as a guest artist while cultivating creative relationships began a life long learning in the practice of tattooing and the culture of it's history.  She currently works at Canadian legacy tattoo shop Smilin' Buddha Tattoo in Calgary AB, under tattoo icon Paul Jeffries.  Ash has participated in three gallery exhibitions "Lumbotomy" (White Lodge Gallery 2013), "Feral, A Group Show" (White Lodge Gallery 2014), and one collaborative show "WILDLIFE" (The Uncommons 2015).  She has received two tattoo awards, Best Small Black and Grey (Alberta Bounds Calgary Tattoo Show 2016) and Second Best Small Colour (Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Convention 2015).  Her commissioned work lives around the globe in private collections and corporate offices.

The tattooing of radiograph botany, floral and foliage dissipating into ethereal transparent smoke wrap around musculature and curvature of the client, enhancing each individuals unique structure.  Often abstract and organically freehanded the tattooing is a practice more than a service; a performance art resulting in high quality execution and a trusted professional relationship.  Clients are selected based on understanding of the art and participate in each piece becoming real moment-by-moment as ink is applied into skin.  Clients do not see the work beforehand and commit to the vision based on the body of work. The work lives and breathes on it's own in a life outside of the studio.  Personal art works walk alongside tattooing as statuesque and regal portraits in watercolour, ink, or oil, often inverted with abstract moments uncluttered by purpose.